Don't Grow Up Its a Trap

Love me forever! <3

Don’t be a bitch, if you don’t have a dog

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My thoughts: just get married already…like seriously I want someone I can be that cute with…even though they aren’t dating lol Same

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How do you not ship this?


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More of billy unger’s love quotes and honestly I think they may really be about Kelli berglund because the second tweet about people guessing made me read all the Instagram comments and twitter replies

And the only person they mention (besides the crazy fans say I LOVE YOU) is kelli berglund

So it has to be her or I’m going crazy…

I love u!

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Video - HTZ talks Halloween with Billy Unger and Kelli Berglund! - Lab Rats Wiki →


The cutest interview ever
They made plans for halloween <3
Billy also called Kelli adorable(:


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OMG! im thinking of bad things.. manly Killy having some stuff

OMG! im thinking of bad things.. manly Killy having some stuff

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Going to party! 🎉🎁

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Chloe:Dude! I can't Belive it's Midnight
Chloe:Do cows get milk from goats?
Chloe :ohhh!
Me and my besties covos! Lol
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Crying of sadness! 😭😥

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